Big Bob's Friends

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Big Bob always helps me pick up the chicks.
- Horatio, Denver

Big Bob got me for a Present one year for christmas - Olive

Bob, You are hard to keep up with- you party animal!
Salt Lake City, Utah

My friend Big Bob, my tail always starts wagging when I think of that wonderful day we spent on the beach; playing in the surf, retrieving balls, and sleeping in the hot sun. Looking forward to our next outing together. Love, Bella

Hey Bob, miss you buddy!!!
Sterling, MA.

Bob, Can You Come Out & Play?
Duke Duxbury, Ma.

Hey Bob, I've got my eye on you!
Pumbaa, Lynn, Ma.

Hey Bob, my friends and I miss you.
George, Norton, Ma.

"Bob-dude, let's go rock climbing sometime. It's so easy even a cavedog can do it! "
Max, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Bob said we look alike"
Cody, Quincy, Ma.


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