Hi, I'm Bob the Dog.

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Hi, thanks for stopping by. Let me formally introduce myself, I'm Big BOB The Dog and I'm a Labradoodle. I love making friends and giving tours around my website BigBobTheDog.com. I know I'm only a dog but I feel more like a human. Don't get me wrong I like doing dog things like playing fetch and sleeping on the couch but I really love to get dressed up, striking a pose and having my picture taken while "Livin' la Vida Loca"

I live in New England at the beach and most days my assistants drive me around in a convertible with the wind blowing thru my hair and my doogles on to protect my eyes its kind of hard to miss me. My days are pretty full going to museums, the latest hot spots, movie premiers and even yoga. I love sports, the beach,Tweeting, keeping up with my Facebook pals and really anything you can think of. You can see all my adventures by checking out the greeting cards in my gift shop.All the photos are real, no photoshop for me.....just me and the camera on location.

It's a big world with plenty to do and I'd love to have you help me plan my next photoshoot. Just drop me a line and my assistants and I will try to make it happen, maybe your suggestion will be our next greeting card - just visit our contest page.

I'm always looking for new friends so please post your photo, I would looooove to meet you! Well I'm off to my next adventure so come back soon and bring your friends!!

See you soon,
Big BOB The Dog


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